Alfred Wolfsohn

An artist is nothing other than a receptacle of grace. A tool of a higher force that governs from within and compels us to serve.

Experience the unique and potent medicine of sound healing from the human voice. As an intuitive channel, I open myself as an instrument through which Spirit can sing to you and the wounds within can be heard, honored and transmuted. These transmissions are channeled just for you. They crack you open so the medicine can go in deep. No two offerings are alike but sessions generally contain healing frequencies, angelic tones, broken sounds, light language, and ancient melodies sung for your soul.

In addition to voice, in these sessions I weave together Reiki, guided somatic meditation and intuitive guidance to support the full integration of the sound medicine. Based on what is most needed in the moment, a session can include tarot, runes, guided meditations, psychic readings, guided voice releasing or a Reiki treatment. Each session is crafted for your best and highest healing with Spirit as my guide.


Cajardo L.

My body is vibrating all over and very strongly in my toes, close to the ground. I felt like the song took me through lifetimes. Tears were flowing from my eyes unattached to emotions or feelings. I am grateful for your work. It is important, and necessary.

Liz B.

How you channel your voice is really unlike any other experience. It is incredible, moving, healing. It clears what is not needed and serves the listener bringing in what is needed in that moment. Like ocean waves washing away and bringing in treasures from the deep.

Rob P.

“This is such a beautiful gift!!  I was deeply touched and moved. You have a profound gift for being able to channel for me. How you allowed yourself to be vulnerable with all the different sounds you make with your body and voice, from beautiful angelic melodies, to deep tonal energies that come through.  Thank you!  Words aren’t enough to express my wonder and awe.”

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