Sonic Apothecary


Welcome to the Sonic Apothecary.

These songs are offerings of sound and energy healing from the human voice.  My vision is to hold healing, sonic space for you to dive deep into your personal practice, whatever it may be.

Think of these songs as sonic containers within which you can heal, grow, awaken. These sacred soundscapes are created solely from the layering of my voice and each piece is imbued with Reiki healing and loving presence

Each and every one of us has the capacity to heal and transform ourselves. When we dedicate time to our personal growth and evolution, it naturally emerges. Place yourself inside these sonic containers and allow yourself to receive.

It is my honor to sing to you and offer you these songs. Thank you for inviting me into your ears. Thank you for welcoming me into your practice. May they support your greatest and highest good. 

Love, Sonic Starlight

Ps COMING SOON: Custom Made Songs for individuals seeking personalized sound healing. Most of the songs for sale below (with the exception of Purpose and Alchemy) were custom made for an individual holding specific personal intentions. Stay tuned to hear more about this offering, soon to hit the shelves. 


NOTE: Click the Song Title or Image for full song details. For best viewing format on phones – flip it sideways. 

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