“The voice is the muscle of the soul.

-Alfred Wolfsohn

Sacred Voice Liberation cultivates RADICAL PERMISSION to express your most authentic Self.

Through our voice we were conditioned to hide, contort, deny, and betray our truest Self. To feel shame around who we are because our voice, our Being, didn’t fit into cultural and familial expectations. For some, we learned to be silent as a way to stay safe.

Sacred Voice Liberation is a pathway of unlearning the conditioning and wounding around what the voice should and shouldn’t sound like, who we should and shouldn’t be,

so that we may CLAIM who we truly are and

embody our fullest expression.

“That’s the most miraculous and mysterious nature of this ‘work’… It’s deconditioning from old stories and a discovery of inner truth. It truly is liberation on all levels.”

Megan W

the svl experience


grounded in PLAY.

IN SVL WE PLAY, sing, move, sound, feel, DANCE, surrender, soften.

We step into embodied awareness.

Through play, we push against our tamed edges, reaching beyond self-consciousness to explore our unbridled wildness. We practice radical permission, and having no apologies. We practice vocal shadow work and wound healing by inviting all parts of the Self and all emotions to express and be heard. We remember our joy, and the healing power of wonder and curiosity. Through embodied presence we listen to our expressive impulses and say yes.

Each 1:1 session, group offering and playshop is intuitively crafted and can include:

  • voice and movement explorations that support releasing habitual control over the voice and body; aka allowing the voice to sing you, the body to dance you
  • embodied practices of surrender to release protective walls, and expand our capacity for deep feeling and divine vulnerability
  • expressive games and improvisational play
  • somatic meditation and presence practices that bring the voice home to the body
  • inner parts and vocal shadow work
  • spiritual coaching and intuitive guidance

If you’re looking to connect to your voice, your soul, Alli will guide you there with love and acceptance of who you are in this moment.

Samantha R

in sVL, We approach

every sound as a sacred aspect of Self.

By doing so, we learn to be a loving channel through which our inner parts can be honored and integrated into our wholeness.

We become a living sanctuary

for the fullness of our human experience.

SVL creates safe spaces of radical permission to express. Our rage, light, shadow, grief, joy, shame, delight, wonder, love, and pain. ALL ARE WELCOME. All are lifted up as SACRED humanness. In this way, we cultivate a deep sense of radical self-acceptance.

TOgether we let Go of controlling THE voice,

return it home to our body

And honor its sovereignty restore.

As a brilliant survival tactic, we learned to be the dictators of our voice. To dominate and deny its innate impulses and desires. To box it up in a way thats pleasing and acceptable to others.

SVL seeks to cultivate a new relationship with the voice, grounded in mutual resect and stewardship. A relationship that acknowledges the wisdom and divinity of the voice. That honors the voice as a sacred vessel for personal transformation and healing.

our power lies in Surrendering to our living voice.

allowing OUrselves to be a channel through which our

soul can sing.

Because of the safe space that Alli provides, I was able to express sounds that have been deeply repressed throughout my life... One session is like months of therapy.

-Sasha B

Private Sessions

$125 = 75 minutes


Sliding scale available for those in need.

SVL work best with a commitment of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions. Although a one time session can bring huge breakthroughs, repatterning and unlearning requires repetition. It takes time for the conditioning and wounding in our voice and body to unwind in a way that our nervous system can process. Cultivating a new relationship with our voice requires devotion to a new way of being, which requires continued support over time.


3 sessions = $360 | 6 sessions = $720 | 9 sessions = $1080

Private Groups

Have a group of friends longing to explore their soul voice together? Or perhaps you and your partner would like to deepen your connection through your sound? I offer personalized groups for those wanting to experience vocal healing, empowerment and freedom in a private setting alongside their friends and beloveds. Rates and session length depend on group size.

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SVL is devoted to anyone who wants to:

  • reclaim their personal power and self confidence
  • restore play and creativity in their lives
  • explore shadow work, vocal channeling, and transmutation through human sound
  • overcome struggles with co-dependency, setting boundaries, speaking their truth
  • expand their expressive possibilities
  • explore reparenting, inner parts and inner child work through voice
  • get to the energetic root of mental loops, unconscious patterning, and emotional cycles
  • release constructs of the gender binary and reclaim the full range of their human voice


“Deep. Wise. Playful. Intuitive. Healing. Genius. These are some of the words I’d use to describe Alli and our sessions together. Each session is unique yet builds upon the ones before, creating an ever increasing sense of safety, trust, possibility and compassion for my own unfolding and expression. Working with Alli isn’t about having an agenda or aiming for a specific result or outcome. That in and of itself has come as a huge a-ha and relief for me. That’s the most miraculous and mysterious nature of this ‘work’ of sacred voice liberation. It’s a journey, not a destination. It’s an ever-unfolding spiral. It’s deconditioning from old stories and a discovery of inner truth. It truly is liberation on all levels.”

-Megan W. Founder of Live Love Yes

“Kinda in awe at how powerful this voice stuff is! My body and nervous system have never felt so relaxed before in my life and this morning I felt this expansive opening in my body! Like I cleared something massive!! Like total rebirth!!!”

Sarah B.

“I’ve never felt more empowered than I do after a voice session with Alli. When I arrived, I had no idea what to expect. Alli immediately made me feel at ease with their gentle presence. Their compassion radiates through the room. If you’re looking to connect to your voice, your soul, Alli will guide you there with love and acceptance of who you are in this moment.

Samantha R

“I love how Alli brings their whole self and full presence into every moment of our sessions. They are gifted at holding space for whatever is arising within me, and then responding with spontaneity and creativity, drawing on a plethora of exercises to help release old patterns and get the vocal juices flowing. Every session is unique, but I can always count on fun, play, and laughter!”

Anne D.

-Sasha B.

“OMG I’ve been singing like no other. Such big cry releases.
It’s been the most amazing thing I’ve done for myself.”

Sandra J.


Sacred Voice Liberation is a healing modality created by Alli Caw. After experiencing the healing effects of their theatrical training, Alli collaged various performance and contemplative arts practices, reframing them for the purpose of personal healing and transformation. To learn more about these techniques and how they are integrated into this work, check out