Embody your fullest expression

“The voice is the muscle of the soul.”

Alfred Wolfsohn

Sacred Voice Liberation supports you find healing, freedom, and empowerment through your voice. We do this through vocal exploration, embodied movement, play, surrender, and radical permission. Through a process of unlearning, we let go of cultural, familial, and gendered conditioning around what the voice should and shouldn’t sound like. We practice saying “yes” to our authenticity, allowing our soul’s wild and inimitable expression without apology. In this way, we cultivate a deep sense of self-acceptance and wholeness. 

In SVL we honor every sound as a sacred aspect of Self. Through this lens we learn to be a safe and loving channel through which all our inner parts can be expressed. We become a living sanctuary in which our shadows and our pain can be heard, honored, and integrated back into our wholeness. These sessions are a safe space for the fullness of your human experience to be embodied, expressed, and explored without fear of judgment. Our rage, light, grief, joy, shame, delight, wonder, fear, love, pain. All are welcome.

As an intuitive, each session is specially crafted for what is most needed to support you in the moment. Depending on where you are in your journey, our time together may include:

  • somatic voice and movement explorations that release habitual control over the voice and body; aka allowing the voice to sing you, the body to dance you
  • embodied practices of surrender to expand our capacity for deep feeling and vulnerability
  • expressive games and improvisational play
  • meditation and contemplative practices
  • inner parts and shadow work
  • spiritual coaching and intuitive guidance

Sacred Voice Liberation is for anyone who wants to: 

  • overcome struggles with co-dependency, setting boundaries, speaking your truth and/or advocating for your needs and desires
  • explore reparenting, inner parts and inner child work through voice
  • explore shadow work and transmutation through human sound
  • get to the energetic root of mental loops, unconscious patterning, and emotional cycles
  • reclaim their power through rewilding
  • feel inner freedom and ease 
  • restore play and creativity in their lives
  • receive intuitive guidance and coaching for their spiritual awakening

Sacred Voice Liberation is a healing modality I created through collaging various contemplative practices and performing arts training that I reframed for the purpose of personal transformation.

To learn more about these techniques and how they are integrated into this work, check out: The Shoulders I Stand On

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