Private In-Person & Online Sessions

1 Hour: $100 (sliding scale available)


My vocal journey began with over a decade of technical voice & theater arts training. But after only a couple years as a professional performer, I lost my love and joy for singing. I felt that my voice had become a commodity, nothing more than an object used to please others. I was coached again and again to assimilate my sounds into one recognizable voice. But I loved that my voice was a chameleon, that it could transform and transcend traditional expectations of human sound. I wanted to explore more deeply into the mysteries of the human voice. I was curious about the origin of my voice, where it came from inside of me and how it was connected to my soul. None of my former training spoke to these mysteries.

It was around this time that I discovered the Roy Hart vocal approach by way of my MFA in Contemporary Performance training at Naropa University. Over the course of 7 years, I walked with the vocal lineage of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart and underwent a spiritual journey of unlearning vocal control and embracing broken and chorded sounds. At the same time, I underwent a dark night of the soul, a spiritual awakening that changed my life forever. I began exploring the voice through spiritual practices of surrender and inviting my shadowed wounds to sing through me.

Through the sonic explorations my voice and my being became more liberated, more empowered, and whole than I could have ever imagined. I realized my voice as a sacred channel for personal healing and transformation. I developed my own shamanic vocal practice, opening myself as an instrument through which the Divine could sing. Now I offer Somatic Voice Activation in hopes of sharing with others the liberation, empowerment and pure healing magic found in surrendering to the mystery of your own human voice.