Embody your fullest expression

Sacred Voice Approach is a healing modality that supports you find freedom and empowerment through your voice. We do this through play, somatic voice and movement, presence and radical permission to embrace what feels good. Through a process of unlearning, we let go of cultural and familial conditioning around what the voice should and shouldn’t sound like. We begin to let go of judgment snd say “yes” to our wild and inimitable soul’s expression. In this way, we cultivate a deep sense of self-acceptance and wholeness. 

In our time together we practice play, presence and surrender. We nourish our inner child through expressive games and unapologetic delight. We release habitual control over our voice so that our authentic sound, our fullest expression can emerge. We acknowledge the innate wisdom of our voice, giving it permission to lead us, to sing us. We honor the voice as the muscle of our soul, holding every sound as a sacred aspect of Self. In doing this we learn to be a safe channel through which our wounded parts can speak. We become a sanctuary for our shadows to be heard, honored and integrated back into our wholeness. In this alchemical practice our wounds and trauma find healing through sonic transmutation. 

SVA is for anyone who wants to: 

  • Reclaim their power
  • Feel inner freedom and ease 
  • heal blockages, wounding or trauma around their voice 
  • restore play and creativity in their lives
  • work with their inner child
  • overcome struggles with setting boundaries, speaking their truth or advocating their needs
  • explore shadow work and transmutation through sound

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