How I serve


I love supporting you find freedom and healing through your voice. To help you to break old patterns of staying small, silent and untrue to you. Guiding you to reclaim your power and rekindle your capacity for play, ease and joy. Realize your wholeness through radical acceptance by embodying your soul’s authentic sound.


I love singing sound healing to you. To let Spirit sing me, to you. Unconditionally channeling our light and shadow, so that our wounds within can be heard, honored and healed through sonic transmutation. Offering transmissions of light language, healing frequencies, and ancient melodies with messages your soul most needs to hear.

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Credentials + Background

I have over 22 years of theater and performing arts training in somatic voice, movement, dance and contemplative techniques. I earned a BFA in Musical Theatre from The University of the Arts and am a certified teacher in Williamson Technique Level 1. I received an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. Naropa is a contemplative education university founded by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist and originator of Shambhala Buddism. During my master program I personally experienced the potent healing and transformational power of the performance and contemplative arts techniques that I was studying. I felt a strong calling to share the healing potential of these performance practices beyond the theatre community. In 2015, as part of my Master’s thesis, I laid the foundations for the work that would become Sacred Voice Liberation.

Up until 2017, I worked professionally as a performing artist. I worked for nationally renowned theatre companies including the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and New Paradise Laboratories, performing in productions reviewed by The New York Times and American Theater Magazine. I also worked as a role-player in Crisis Intervention Training with Law Enforcement. I portrayed characters going through life-crisis while leading officers towards more compassionate responses, teaching them to utilize verbal de-escalation techniques rather than physical tactics. In 2017 however, I awakened to myself as a healer and left the theater to pursue my soul’s higher calling.

So much of my training as a healer and facilitator happened unwittingly during my theater education. I often describe performing arts education as training in being human. First and foremost, it kept my inner child alive and well, always nurturing my capacity for play, curiosity, and wonder. I was given safe spaces in which to feel deeply and follow my instincts. I was taught to navigate the fluidity of emotional energy, and as the training matured, to intentionally transform these energies. Through somatic and experiential training, I nurtured deep presence and awareness of my voice and body. I practiced the arts of surrender, following and channeling. But most of all, for years I studied under masterful facilitators who taught me how to hold safe and sacred containers in which vulnerability can blossom into personal revelation.

I consciously began training as a healing practitioner with Reiki. I am a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner in the Usui Tradition and have been practicing for 8 years. An Intuitive with access to all 4 primary “Clairs”, I have studied in psychic development with Karen Hager, a professional intuitive. I studied spiritually for 4 years under the mentorship of Leslie Grasa, a Shamanic Practitioner in the Basci Lineage and a Reiki Master. Almost immediately after claiming myself as a healer, I underwent an intense dark night of the soul journey that brought my whole life to a halt. An old spinal injury resurfaced and my cPTSD stopped me in my tracks. Over the course of 5+ years I was privileged to work with a healing team of body workers, energy healers, an equine-therapist and psychedelic medicine. During this time I developed my singing sound healing practice to support my own healing and underwent a radical transformation thats still unfolding to this day.

Just for Funsies…

Some photos from my past life as a performing artist!